Meyer Wilson Wins Jury Verdict for 83-Year-Old Investment Fraud Victim

Attorneys of Meyer Wilson were able to win a $125,000 jury verdict on behalf of their client, an 83-year-old victim of investment fraud. The state court jury in Franklin County Court of Common Pleas in Columbus, Ohio voted unanimously to award our client full recovery for her losses under Ohio’s securities laws.

“Our client lost her entire life savings in this investment scam and we are honored to have the opportunity to fight to recover her hard-earned money,” according to Attorney David Meyer.

Meyer Wilson’s Courtney M. Werning represented the plaintiff along with Columbus Attorney John Camillus. Ms. Yeager explained that the investment company that sold her client the investment actually filed bankruptcy years prior. According to Ohio securities law, anyone who participates or aids in the company “in any way” when the company is committing fraud is liable for the total amount of investment losses.

Meyer explained that this verdict, “sends a clear message to executives and agents of companies that sell fraudulent securities to Ohio individuals that they cannot escape responsibility simply by closing the doors and wiping their hands of the company’s mess.”