When Hard Times Hit, Don’t Give in to Investment Fraud

There’s a common misconception that investment fraud only happens to investors who aren’t experienced or don’t know what they’re doing. As investment fraud lawyers, however, we can tell you that this is simply not the case. We’ve seen many experienced investors who have sustained losses in scam and are left wondering what happened. So how do con artists and fraudsters get experienced, mature investors to throw caution to the wind and put their money on a scam? It’s the oldest trick in the book—kick them while they’re down.

Investors Are More Vulnerable When They’re Facing Hard Times

Fraudsters try to peddle their schemes by creating a sense of excitement, a sense of hope, and a solution for problems you may be facing. By playing on your emotions when you’re facing financial or personal problems, think they can get you to take hook and hand over your cash.

For example, an investment con artist may try to take advantage of you by promising unbelievable, “safe” returns when you are:

  • Dealing with an illness, medical condition, or death in the family
  • Facing retirement or job loss
  • Going through a divorce or child custody battle
  • Struggling after a natural disaster or other emergency

How Can I Avoid Investment Fraud When I’m Vulnerable?

Although it can be hard to pass on an investment deal that sounds like it will solve all your problems, it’s important that you take the time to do thorough research,especially if it all sounds a little too good to be true. If you have become the victim of a Ponzi scheme or investment scam, don’t wait until it’s too late to get help. Reach out to an investment fraud lawyer with Meyer Wilson today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.