Nine Signs That You’re Vulnerable to Senior Investment Fraud

Attorneys all over the nation are seeing a large number of elderly clients who have fallen victim to investment fraud and financial abuse. Fraudsters often target elderly investors, especially those who have medical issues or impaired cognitive abilities, in hopes of getting their hands on retirement funds and “nest eggs” that have taken a lifetime to build. Unfortunately, many people are highly vulnerable to this kind of elder financial fraud and abuse and don’t even know it.

How Do I Know If I Am Vulnerable to Senior Investment Fraud?

You may be vulnerable to senior investment fraud if you:

  1. No longer feel able to make big financial decisions on your own.
  2. Regret the financial decisions that you have made.
  3. Have trouble keeping up with your bills because they are confusing.
  4. Allow someone else access to your financial records and accounts.
  5. Feel pressured by family members or others to give out or loan money to them.
  6. Often give gifts or loans that you cannot realistically afford.
  7. Find that money is disappearing from your account or that you run out of money too early.
  8. Don’t understand the investments or investment methods used by your financial advisor.
  9. Are unable to contact your investment advisor or he or she is no longer returning your calls.

If you believe that you or your parents have become the victim of senior financial fraud, please contact the experienced investment fraud attorneys with Meyer Wilson.