Subprime Mortgage Scams Attorney

Investment Fraud Attorney for Mortgage Investor Losses

The recent housing market crisis has left innumerable investors crippled by massive financial losses stemming from investments tied to mortgage-related debt. In many instances, investors were not properly advised of the risks associated with these types of securities or their portfolios were over concentrated in such a manner as to expose them to excessive losses. Failure to properly diversify an investor’s portfolio and failure to provide factual and complete information about an investment to an investor are both violations of a broker’s fiduciary duty. If you are a victim of one of these scams then you may be able to open a subprime mortgage lawsuit.

If you were one of the many victims to suffer massive losses due to subprime investment and mortgage scams, recovering your assets will require the assistance of an investment loss lawyer, nationally recognized for excellence and insight in the field. Meyer Wilson’s attorneys have 5 decades of collective experience focusing in the field of securities arbitration and investment fraud exclusively, resulting in deeply-honed strategies and skills that we employ on behalf of our clients. Our skill and resources have allowed us to recover over $350 million for victims of stockbroker fraud.

Millions of Dollars Recovered for Investors

Our practice is proud to have helped hundreds of clients reclaim hundreds of millions of dollars nationwide, from Detroit to Tampa and from New York to San Francisco. If you have been defrauded of your financial assets as a result of subprime investment and mortgage scams, reach out to Meyer Wilson. We’re more than happy to help you determine your options of a possible subprime mortgage lawsuit through a free case evaluation.