Stockbroker Negligence Lawyer

Investment Firms and Bad Faith – Advice From an Attorney

Negligence is any conduct that falls below the standard of care that a reasonable, prudent person would have utilized in the same situation. Under the law, the duties that a stockbroker owes to their clients may be defined by courts, statutes, securities industry rules and regulations, and standards of practices in the securities industry. If your broker breaches such standards, then you may be able to recover any losses resulting from the breach by pursuing a broker negligence claim.

To be held liable for negligence, it is not necessary for the broker to have intended the consequences of the negligent act. If a reasonable, prudent broker would have foreseen the potential for the consequences arising out of such an act and taken reasonable steps to prevent such consequences from occurring, the act can be deemed a negligent one.

Stockbroker Negligence Comes in Many Forms.

In a stockbroker negligence case, your investment fraud attorney will be required to show that your broker’s actions fell below the standard of care. The following are examples of possible negligence:

  • Your broker recommended an investment to you that was not appropriate based upon your investment objectives, experience, financial situation, or risk tolerance.
  • Your broker’s supervisors failed to implement policies and procedures designed to detect and prevent violations of the securities laws.

Stockbroker negligence claims almost always require mandatory securities arbitration before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Not every lawyer is knowledgeable and experienced with FINRA arbitration, so you need to be cautious in your selection of a law firm to represent you. We have the best FINRA arbitration lawyers ready to fight for to recover your losses.

Enlist an Investment Fraud Attorney from Meyer Wilson to Combat Stockbroker Negligence

If you have suffered financial loss due to the negligence of a broker, investment advisor or brokerage firm, skilled and experienced securities litigation attorneys may have the ability to recover your losses. Meyer Wilson’s investment loss lawyers collectively possess over five decades of experience helping victims of broker fraud and other misconduct, and in our history have helped nearly a thousand clients successfully recover hundreds of millions of dollars. Our aggressive pursuit of claims on behalf of investor fraud victims have resulted in over $350 million in settlements, verdicts, awards, and other forms of recovery on behalf of our clients. .

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