Mutual Fund Fraud Lawyers

Investment Fraud Lawyers for Mutual Fund Claims

Mutual fund fraud & securities fraud exists when brokers violate their fiduciary duty to investors by placing their own interests ahead of the interests of their clients. This breach of duty can manifest in a variety of ways, but often stems from a broker’s actions to increase their commissions or fees. Mutual fund fraud lawyers exist to stop this breach of confidence.

Brokers involved in mutual fund fraud may push unsuitable class shares onto investors without thoroughly explaining the costs and benefits of each. In particular the fees associated with each class share. Additionally, many investor claims related to mutual fund fraud involve brokers who were paid commissions by the mutual fund companies. These companies not disclose this potential conflict of interest to their clients.

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Victims of mutual fund fraud can include anyone: individual investors, retirees, small businesses, corporations, pension funds and institutional investors. No matter who we are representing, the investment loss attorneys at Meyer Wilson have the skills and experience that are specifically suited to the needs of mutual fund fraud victims. Our attorneys have devoted themselves exclusively to the field of securities fraud and arbitration, so our strategies are well-developed and honed.

Over the course of our firm’s impressive history, we have helped over 800 clients reclaim hundreds of millions of dollars, recovering $350 million.

Meyer Wilson is proud to serve clients nationwide, representing them against firms in claims from Hawaii to Florida, from Ohio to California. Our mutual fund fraud lawyers are prepared to aggressively pursue your case against the strongest, largest brokerage firms in the United States. Do not be a victim of broker misconduct. Contact us for a free case evaluation to determine your options.