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Stockbrokers and investment advisors are legally required to place the interests of their clients before the interests of themselves or their firms. Securities fraud is a gross violation of this duty as a direct result of the broker purposefully placing their own needs or the needs of their firm ahead of what is in the best interests of their clients. An investment fraud lawyer from the firm can help in this situation.

Over the past few years, innumerable investors have experienced massive financial losses due to previously unfathomable levels of stockbroker fraud and misconduct. Securities fraud can range from theft by a single broker to widespread campaigns of deliberate misinformation. Stockbrokers who steal funds from their clients by misleading them into writing checks made payable to the broker personally are guilty of theft. Brokerage firms who push toxic assets onto unsuspecting investors are liable for securities fraud.

How Meyer Wilson Can Help

Victims of securities fraud can include anyone: individual investors, retirees, small businesses, corporations, pension funds, and institutional investors. Meyer Wilson securities fraud lawyers has honed our skills helping all types of clients uphold their rights as investors against large, well-established brokerage firms, recovering over $350 million.

Meyer Wilson has served clients who are spread out nationwide, including in cities such as Los Angeles, Cincinnati, New York, and Tampa. If you want a renowned legal professional to back your securities fraud claim, call us or complete our online form for a free case evaluation.