False Information Securities Fraud

Were You Deceived into Buying Unsuitable Securities because of False Information?

Securities fraud involving false information has recently become widespread, with many investors being deceived and manipulated into purchasing unsuitable securities such as subprime mortgage products and private placements. Brokers and brokerage firms have a duty to conduct business with their investors in good faith. Knowingly or recklessly distributing false or incomplete information to clients is a form of securities fraud for which both the broker and the brokerage firm may be held liable.

If you have been victimized by the deceitfulness of brokers, securities advisors or brokerage firms, you need the assistance of a law firm with the experience and resources to fight for you. The securities fraud lawyers at Meyer Wilson have decades of collective of experience representing the victims of investment fraud.

Our devotion to this practice area has allowed us to help victims of fraud recover their losses in claims against investment firms through  the U.S. recovering hundreds of millions of dollars on their clients’ behalf. If you have a false information claim against a securities trading firm, our securities fraud attorneys can aggressively pursue your case.

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