Derivative Securities Fraud

How an Investment Loss Attorney Can Help


Derivatives are securities that have value because of an underlying security or asset. Common types of derivatives in the securities industry are:

  • Options – A contract giving the purchaser the opportunity to buy or sell the security at a fixed price on a certain date.
  • Swaps – This type of derivative allows two parties to “swap” cash flows.
  • Futures contracts – “Futures” are contracts that allow the buying or selling of assets in the future for a price agreed on today.
  • Forward contracts – A “forward” is a type of contract that involves securities traded in the future for a price agreed on today.


Investors may be led to believe that derivatives are not risky. This is simply not true. While certain derivatives may be used to hedge or mitigate risk in a portfolio, derivatives – like all securities – are subject to market risk. Unfortunately, some investors learn this too late and only after suffering devastating losses. If you have lost a substantial amount of money after investing using derivatives like stock options or futures, you may be able to recover your losses against your stockbroker.

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