Asset Allocation Misconduct Attorney

Are You the Victim of Asset Allocation Misconduct?

A competent financial advisor understands that a key to prudent portfolio management is proper asset allocation and diversity. If you believe your assets have been mishandled, then you may be in need of an experienced lawyer with success in representing clients in cases involving asset allocation.

Types of asset classes include:

  • Cash
  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Real estate
  • Foreign currency
  • Natural resources

In a given year, any one asset class or combination of classes may be up while others are down. Diversifying your investment portfolio helps reduce portfolio volatility and better manage investment risk.

Additionally, a person’s asset allocation is going to change over time. The asset allocation that’s right for you at the age of 30 will likely be very different than the one that is appropriate for you when you’re 60. Financial advisors and stockbrokers have a duty to “know their client,” to spend the time necessary to learn about your investment goals, objectives and tolerance for risk, and to recommend an asset allocation strategy that is consistent with your unique circumstances.

How Do I Know If I’m the Victim of Asset Allocation Misconduct?

Your financial advisor has to have the big picture in mind. What are your financial goals and what strategy are they going to recommend so that you reach those goals? What is your appetite for risk? In fact, each individual investment will have a different risk/reward profile. What may be appropriate for one investor may be wholly inappropriate for another investor.

All too often, stockbrokers fail to provide investors with the proper asset allocation. A securities fraud attorney at Meyer Wilson can evaluate your financial history to see if we notice any red flags that could indicate that your financial advisor acted improperly.If your advisor or brokerage firm failed to adequately allocate your assets, you may have a claim for negligence or misconduct in the event you suffer losses.

Securities Fraud Lawyers with Over 50 Years’ Combined Experience

Overall, your financial advisor should be balancing your portfolio for achieving your goals and investment objectives, not their own. If you believe that your financial advisor is improperly allocating your assets, and you suffered significant financial losses, then you may have a claim. Do not hesitate to contact an investment fraud attorney at Meyer Wilson today.

Our firm is no stranger to facing large investment firms on behalf of our clients. We have over 50 years of combined experience helping hundreds of clients recover their wrongfully-lost assets. We recovered over $350 million, and we have no intention of slowing down. The sole aim of our securities fraud lawyers is recovering the financial damages suffered by victims of fraud.

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