Japan Relief Scams

After the recent tragedy, I am interested in putting my money into investments that will have an impact in Japan. What are the signs of an investment scam related to the Japan tragedy?

For the most part, the signs of a Japan tragedy investment scam are the same as the signs of any investment fraud:

  • Promises of high returns with little risk
  • Pressure to invest right away
  • Difficulty obtaining records and documents related to the investment
  • Any unsolicited opportunity, especially over the phone or through e-mail, that comes from a person or company you have not dealt with in the past

However, there are a few specifics to watch out for when it comes to your Japan-related investment. Watch out for any investment opportunity that:

  • Claims an association or agreement with a government entity aiding Japan
  • Is developing a new technology for Japan, such as earthquake simulations or clean-up strategies, but does not yet have any actual products
  • Endorses that, despite a lack of revenue to date, it will dominate the post-tragedy market in Japan

If you have been the victim of a Japan-related investment scheme, contact an experienced investment fraud attorney today. Meyer Wilson represents victims of investment fraud nationwide and has achieved jury awards, arbitration awards, and settlements with a combined value of hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. We look forward to helping you recover your losses.