Suspecting a Ponzi Scheme

I’ve stopped receiving interest payments on an investment, and I’m beginning to suspect it’s a Ponzi scheme. I can’t believe I fell for it! How can I get help?

First off, don’t be hard on yourself for not recognizing the Ponzi scheme sooner. For lots of harmed investors, the first tip-off that it’s a scam is when they stop receiving checks or can’t seem to get the broker on the phone. In our article “How Ponzi Schemes Keep Fooling Victims while Keeping Up Appearances,” we talk about how hard con artists work to appear legitimate and how even experienced investors sometimes fall for their tricks.

If you believe you became the victim of a Ponzi scheme, it’s very important that you don’t take any steps that might ruin your chances of recovering your investment losses. As a first step, you can meet with an experienced Ponzi scheme lawyer in a completely free initial consultation to explain more about your situation and talk about the options available to you. Simply meeting with us puts you under no obligation to hire us, and we urge you to speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

Most investors who have lost money in securities fraud cases are faced with complicated options and confusing procedures for recovering their investment losses. Most cases end up in FINRA arbitration and mediation, which are quite unlike familiar judge-and-jury court procedures. It is of great benefit to have an experienced securities fraud attorney on your side who can prepare your case, explain what to expect, and be available to provide support and guidance.

We would like to hear more about your situation and what happened to you. Please reach out to a Ponzi scheme lawyer with Meyer Wilson today to schedule a free and confidential consultation.