Who are the commonly targeted victims in Ponzi schemes?

Financial fraud victims can be found at every level of socio-economic status, age bracket, and education. What makes all individuals vulnerable to Ponzi schemes is the cunning of those individuals behind them. Anyone can become tied to a schemer, placing trust in the individual based on previous or existing associations.

Commonly targeted victims of Ponzi scams may include:

  • Clients who are already involved in legitimate business activities with their financial planner, accountant, investment advisor, or broker
  • Members of religious or other organizational affiliates tied to the Ponzi scheme propagator
  • Old friends, family members, or business associates of previously targeted victims

As you might imagine, thousands of investors fall into these categories each year in the United States, representing millions of dollars in losses. If you think that you may have been a victim of financial fraud, contact an experienced investment fraud attorney. A dedicated securities fraud attorney will take the time to go through your options and determine the best course of action. For more information, contact Meyer Wilson by calling or filling out our online form.