How Do I Find an Attorney to Represent My Case?

If you have lost money due to misconduct or mishandling by a stockbroker or brokerage firm, financial adviser, or insurance company, you may be able to recover your damages. However, you should not go it alone. If you have a case, the right attorney may help you recover your losses and damages, bringing knowledge and experience that will simplify the process greatly.

However, it can be difficult to choose the best lawyer for your case. Although it is important to trust your gut, there are some concrete characteristics you should pay special attention to:

  • Focus. It is important to choose an attorney who understands investor claims and investment misconduct. An attorney who boasts many specialties may not have the time or energy to keep up with the specific details surrounding the law.
  • Experience. Investor claims are a narrowly focused area of law, and an inexperienced attorney who is not yet intimately familiar with FINRA rules and securities arbitration may not be prepared to deal with those unique challenges. An experienced FINRA attorney, with a proven track record, deals with these types of claims regularly and knows the process.
  • Ratings. Lawyer ratings provided by Martindale-Hubbell, The Best Lawyers in America, and Super Lawyers not only help you find the attorney best suited to handling your needs, but also assure that the attorney is held to the highest ethical and professional standards.

5 Questions You Will Want to Ask an Investment Fraud Attorney

  1. What are your areas of focus?
    Investors should look for an attorney who has a focus and commitment to investors’ claims. The narrower the focus of the attorney, the more in-depth understanding they have of a particular area of law. If all an attorney does are investor claims and class actions, their understanding will be much greater.

  2. How long have you practiced as an investment fraud attorney?
    The years practiced as an investment fraud attorney lead to knowledge and experience that gives an investor an advantage in seeking a claim and winning back losses.

  3. Do lawyers who represent investment fraud work on a contingency?
    Lawyers who represent investor claims do often work on a contingency fee, meaning that an attorney only gets a fee if money is recovered.

  4. What are your professional references?
    There are three major attorney rating services with peer ratings that you can check: The Best Lawyers in America, Martindale-Hubbell, and Super Lawyers.

  5. Do you have the necessary resources at your disposal to effectively handle my case?
    The resources available to properly and completely work a case are important to winning a claim. A law firm staffed with experienced staff is better able to fully investigate a claim.

The attorneys with Meyer Wilson have a combined 50 years of experience representing investors nationwide, and Attorney Meyer has received the highest peer ratings from all three of the major attorney rating services. If you have been the victim of investment fraud, contact us today!