Do most law firms handle securities fraud cases?

No. Because securities fraud cases are generally handled through arbitration rather than through a classic courtroom trial, the attorney handling your case needs to possess very specific knowledge and experience in order to obtain a favorable outcome for you. Securities fraud cases are often very complex, and they can be confusing for lawyers and investors alike. If you have been the victim of securities fraud, it is crucial that you are prepared for the unique ins and outs of the FINRA arbitration process.

Although some law firms advertise their ability to handle everything from DUIs to investment misconduct, an attorney that covers so many practice areas may find it impossible to spend the required hours staying abreast of the highly specific and constantly changing rules governing investor claims. And because securities fraud cases are so different, an experienced attorney familiar with the “unwritten” rules, customs, and major players in FINRA proceedings is exactly the edge you need.

At Meyer Wilson, we regularly represent our clients in securities arbitration, litigation, mediation, and class action lawsuits. When you speak to an experienced securities fraud lawyer with our law firm, you can rest assured that you are speaking to someone who understands your rights and has the resources to help you recover your losses. Give us a call today.