Reputable Firms & Fraud

If I work with a stockbroker or financial advisor at a reputable firm, does that mean that I don’t have to worry about investment fraud?

Could there be a situation when I could be the victim of a scam and need the help of an investment fraud attorney?

Unfortunately, working with a reputable, big name firm does not eliminate your risk of being the victim of an investment scam. While there may be some additional checks in place that might lower your risk if you work with a big firm rather than an unknown person out on his own, a simple internet search will reveal many large name firms that have been accused of investment scams or securities fraud.

Remember, the victims of Bernie Madoff likely thought that they were working with one of the best and most reliable people available. If you are the victim of an investment scam with a big name firm then it is important to contact an investment fraud attorney as soon as possible. You can be sure that the firm is going to defend itself. An investment fraud lawyer can help you preserve evidence, get answers to your questions, and fight for a fair and just recovery for your investment losses.

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