I’m a reasonably experienced investor. Do I still need to worry about investment fraud and researching every investment?

If you think experience makes you immune to investment fraud, think again. Many experienced and sophisticated investors suffer investment losses as the result of fraud every year. Although it can be easy to let your careful investigation of documents, investments, and advisers slide, realize that experience alone does not make you immune to financial services fraud.

The fraudsters who run Ponzi schemes and investment scams are good at what they do, and they often have a sophisticated understanding of the financial world. Experienced investors may be especially vulnerable if they overestimate their own ability to spot investment fraud and choose investments. Many fraudsters will first work to earn your trust and then convince you that there is no need to waste time “reading up” on the basics of an investment when you could be making money right away. No matter what your level of experience is, there is no substitute for careful research and monitoring—each and every time you invest.

Investment fraud can happen to anyone, regardless of their investment experience. If you or a family member has suffered investment losses due to fraud, please give us a call. The investment fraud lawyers with Meyer Wilson have represented more than 800 investors nationwide, and we would be happy to put our knowledge, skills, and experience to work for you.