Which non-traded REITs are included in the LPL Financial investigation?

Seven Specific Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Outlined in LPL Financial Complaint

The Enforcement Section of the Massachusetts Securities Division recently filed a complaint against LPL Financial, LLC that specifically included the following seven real estate investment trusts (REITs):

  1. Cole Credit Property Trust II, Inc.
  2. Cole Credit Property Trust III, Inc.
  3. Cole Credit Property 1031 Exchange
  4. Dividend Capital Total Realty
  5. Inland American Real Estate Trust Inc.
  6. Wells Real Estate Investment Trust II, Inc.
  7. W.P. Carey Corporate Property Associates 17

The investment fraud lawyers​ with Meyer Wilson have also launched an investigation into these non-traded REITs on behalf of our clients, and we strongly encourage you to speak with an investment fraud lawyer as soon as possible if you believe you have lost money as a result of an unsuitable LPL Financial REIT investment.

Non-traded REITs are complicated investments, and you may have a claim even if the REIT you invested in does not appear on the list above. Whether you purchased a different REIT with LPL Financial or another company, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about your potential claim.

If you’d like to speak with us in a completely FREE and confidential consultation, you can reach Meyer Wilson by filling out the easy and confidential contact form. Our talented attorneys have assisted hundreds of investors all over the nation with stockbroker mediation, arbitration, and litigation claims, and we look forward to working with you to recover you investment losses.

Watch Attorney Courtney Werning’s video to learn more about the dangers of non-traded REITs.