How can I tell if I’m at risk for investment fraud?

As an investment fraud attorney, I can tell you that it doesn’t matter how sophisticated an investor you are; it is still possible to be taken in by investment fraud and stockbroker misconduct. Although doing your research ahead of time to check out both your investment advisor or broker and the investment itself can go a long way toward protecting you, it still can’t guarantee that you will be completely safe from the fraudsters who want to take your money.

In fact, according to studies conducted among investors, the biggest risk factors had very little to do with your financial situation at all. Instead, those who were more prone to fall victim to investment fraud were people who were very likely to give in to the suggestions of friends and family members or had a lot of exposure to advertising by phone or mail.

If you like to learn more about how to gauge you risk level for investment fraud, consider using FINRA’s Risk Meter. This free tool will walk you through a simple series of questions and then display your risk level and information about the behaviors that have caused you to rank highly. Please give us a call to set up a free consultation with an experienced investment fraud lawyer.