Why are income-oriented seniors so often pressured into investing in risky “structured products?”

Even though it’s been established that ” structured products” are inappropriate for the average investor, seniors and those approaching retirement age have been a major target for these investments. Although part of the problem is that many brokers simply don’t understand these investments, there are those who specifically prey upon the elderly because that’s where the money is.

Fraudsters who are just looking for a high commission think they can take advantage an older investor’s trust, fear of looming health issues, and potential cognitive disabilities. These malicious brokers believe that seniors are easily taken in by charm and exaggerated claims of high yields.

If you feel you have been tricked into investing in “structured products,” but have waived your right to sue, you may still have an investment misconduct case. Contact an experienced securities arbitration attorney today. At Meyer Wilson, we represent victims of stockbroker misconduct nationwide in mediation, arbitration, and litigation claims.