What are some of the disadvantages of annuities?

While annuities have many benefits that attract investors, they also have several drawbacks. For example, deferred variable annuities tend to have high yearly expenses that impact returns. Also, annuities typically have significant surrender charges if you take out a certain amount of money within a given time period.

Overall, four major issues have arisen with the growing popularity of annuities:

  1. High fees that reduce the overall value of your return
  2. While annuities are suitable for some investors, they are not appropriate for all
  3. No additional tax benefits if the annuity is through a tax-advantaged retirement plan
  4. They are risky because the principal is unprotected

Make sure that you fully understand the advantages and risks of annuities, before investing your money. If you have lost money and believe your broker could have been responsible, contact an experienced securities arbitration attorney from our office. We will evaluate your claim for free.

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You can also learn more about annuities by watching Attorney Dave Meyer’s video below.