Who Is Responsible?

My broker invested a large percentage of my portfolio in one asset class. As a result, I have lost a significant amount of money.

When a customer seeks a well-balanced investment portfolio, brokers and investment advisors have the duty to ensure that their clients’ investments are split among industry sectors, asset classes and securities, which is known as diversification. When a broker fails to do so and places a large portion of the portfolio into one type of investment, asset class or security, it is known as overconcentration.

If your broker or advisor put “all of you eggs in one basket” and if you lost money as a result, the brokerage firm could be held responsible for your losses. To have your case reviewed by one of our experienced broker fraud attorneys, call us toll-free at (888) 390-6491 or fill out our contact form. Meyer Wilson represents broker misconduct claims across the country. Our broker fraud lawyers have won millions of dollars in losses for our clients.