What happens if I lose my FINRA case?

If you are going into FINRA arbitration after being the victim of investment fraud, stockbroker misconduct, or other issues, you are probably at least a little nervous about the outcome. Although we’d love to tell you that everything will be okay, you do need to realize that FINRA arbitration decisions are final. This means that you probably won’t be able to appeal if you end up with a less-than-favorable outcome from arbitration.

It’s not completely unheard of to appeal a FINRA arbitration decision, but, as investment fraud attorneys, we can tell you that it is unusual and only allowed within a very narrow set of circumstances. For the most part, you only get one shot; this is why it is so crucial that you go into FINRA arbitration completely confident and prepared to win.

If you have questions about preparing for your arbitration hearing, or if you have only recently found out that you were the victim of a Ponzi scheme or other financial fraud, give the investment fraud attorneys with Meyer Wilson a call today. We are experienced and respected FINRA lawyers who can help you build a strong case and skillfully represent you in stockbroker mediation, arbitration, and litigation.