What are the costs associated with arbitration?

In pursuing his or her claims, the investor is responsible for certain expenses. Those expenses include filing fees, discovery costs, the cost of preparing exhibits, and, if the matter is not settled prior to arbitration, the costs of hiring expert witnesses and FINRA hearing fees. A securities fraud law firm with adequate resources, like Meyer Wilson, will advance certain expenses on behalf of certain of its clients.

Legal fees are typically billed on a contingent basis, that is, a percentage of any damages collected by the investor as a result of an arbitration award. Meyer Wilson handles of its cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning no fee is paid unless money is recovered by the investor.

List of FINRA Arbitration Fees

FINRA is transparent about all its arbitration fees and lists all this information on its website. FINRA even provides an arbitration fee calculator that uses your claim type, relief requested, arbitration method, and filing fees to determine an estimated total fee. For a more precise estimate of arbitration fees, we invite you to contact Meyer Wilson.