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Do I Need to Have My Paperwork?

​Oftentimes, investors feel comfortable enough with their broker to the point where they no longer keep paperwork. They often throw out some or all of the paperwork involving their account. Unfortunately, if things go wrong and investors are victims of broker misconduct, they may worry that they can no longer do anything without having the… read more

Can I Still File a Claim After a Set Amount of Time?

At Meyer Wilson, a number of our potential clients ask us the same question: If I lost money years ago, can I still file a claim to recover losses? While every case is different and there are numerous factors to consider in determining how long you have until you must file a claim. Based on… read more

What Are Alternative Investments?

More recently, brokers have been pitching investors on new, alternative investments. Alternative investments are those that are put into certain classes such as real estate, hedge funds, commodities, private equities, and more. These are often risky investments, but they are touted as benefits to investors. Brokers often inform investors that because these investments don’t have… read more

Choosing the Right Investment Advisor

If you are interested in investments and are looking for a financial advisor or broker, it is important to understand the various titles and credentials that may come along with the person or firm you hire. While there are a number of advisors who have the right credentials and the track record to prove their… read more

Troubles of Using IRA Money to Buy Variable Annuities

Have you been pitched the idea of buying a variable annuity by your broker or financial advisor? Were you asked to use money inside an IRA? It is important to understand that this is a risky investment for a number of reasons. Not only does it cost a lot of money, but brokers may charge… read more

How Unit Investment Trusts Affect You

At Meyer Wilson, we have seen numerous clients who have lost money due to unit investment trusts (UITs). Brokers and brokerage firms are often pitching UITs as helpful and beneficial. Unfortunately, not all investors can benefit from this and ordinary mutual funds are probably the better option. Brokers do not always explain the risks involved… read more

To Whom Do I Write My Check?

When it comes to securities fraud cases, it seems that one of the more common issues in the matter is investors not knowing to whom they should write the check. This is a problem that results in investors often losing money. It is extremely important for you to know where your money is going and… read more

Be Mindful of Investment Seminars as a Retiree

There are numerous brokerage firms out there that send out mail promoting seminars to discuss investment strategies or advice for individuals regarding their finances. These are often sent out to retirees who may appear to be more vulnerable. They promise of a free meal in return for your time, but it is important to know… read more

The Risks of Investing On Margin

Investing on margin is a very difficult and risky investment to make unless you are a seasoned investor. Oftentimes, there are investors who are just starting or have very little experience in investments who are talked into investing on margin. This often means they don’t have the money to take the risk and this investment… read more

What Are Non-Traded REITs?

Investors often have questions regarding various investments that are recommended to them, including those involving non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts. These are investment options that can be very risky and one that our securities lawyers at Meyer Wilson recommend investors to stay away from at all times. These investments appear to be promising for a… read more