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SEC Warns Investors of Scammers Impersonating Government Officials

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)recently published an investor alert in order to warn investors of scammers posing as SEC employees in a scheme to trick investors into revealing account details or sending money. In the alert, the SEC clearly stated that it doesn’t contact investors to record trade details, confirm trades, or to set… read more

Red Flags to Look Out for From Your Financial Professional

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When Your Advisor Is Too Close for Comfort

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There’s No Such Thing as a “Guaranteed” Investment

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Protect Your Hard-Earned Money by Learning How Boiler Room Scams Work

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FINRA Changes Could Make it Harder for Brokers to Hide the Past

Under current FINRA rules, brokers are allowed to remove disciplinary actions filed against them for years from public records, however new rules may prevent that in the future. Proposed changes include a special provision that would allow brokers only one year to request the removal of disciplinary actions from online BrokerCheck records. FINRA maintains BrokerCheck… read more

Is Your Advisor Skimming Funds from Your Investment Accounts?

Unethical financial brokers and advisors skim money from clients’ investment accounts without their knowledge.. In many cases, unethical brokers and advisors deceive investors by providing false information, withholding important information related to investments, or offering clients bad investment advice. Skimming Funds from Investment Accounts Recently, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) secured a court order to… read more

Recent Stock Market Losses May Reveal Unsuitable Investments in Your Portfolio

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SEC Shuts Down Reported ICO Scam

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Is Your Broker on the SEC Naughty List?

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