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Securities-Backed Lines of Credit: Putting Your Financial Future At Risk

By: Courtney Werning, Esq. Securities-backed lines of credit (SBLOC) are loans that are marketed to investors as an easy way to access cash by borrowing against the assets in their investment portfolios.  They are widely pitched by financial advisors and used as a source of revenue for firms in times of solid market returns. Brokers… read more

Former Ohio Financial Advisor Sam Aziz Loses Securities License for Excessive Trading

By: Courtney Werning, Esq. The Ohio Division of Securities revoked the securities license of former broker Sam Aziz of Dublin, Ohio for excessive trading in at least 12 customer accounts. According to his FINRA BrokerCheck report, Aziz was the subject of seven customer disputes, two terminations, and three regulatory actions before finally losing his license… read more

Meyer Wilson is Representing Victims of the Catastrophic Loss Event

By Courtney Werning, Esq. The investment fraud attorneys at Meyer Wilson have sued the brokerage firm INTL FCStone on behalf of nine families who were devastated financially during an options trading disaster in November 2018. FCStone handled the trades that James Cordier of made for 300 investors.  Cordier recruited investors to open accounts with… read more

Investment Scams in 2020 You Could be Targeted By

While a new year may have brought new resolutions for you, it also comes with investment scams that consumers need to worry about. Some of them have been around a while, but others are relatively new and gaining traction. Most financial experts will tell you that a sign that an investment opportunity may be a… read more

FINRA Issues Investor Alert About Fraud After Hurricane Florence

FINRA issued a warning to investors about potential investments and scams that promise huge financial gains in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

Are the Sales of Private Placements an Indication of Brokers Gone Bad?

Securities firms with unethical brokers have a high rate of private placement sales. For information and legal help, contact the securities fraud lawyers Meyer Wilson today.

Defrauding Investors by Inflating Fund Performance

Dishonest brokers often defraud investors by inflating hedge fund performance to show profits that do not exist. If you have been a victim of securities fraud and need legal assistance with loss recovery, contact the attorneys at Meyer Wilson for a free consultation today.

Did Your Broker Engage in Unsuitable Options Trading on Your Behalf?

If your broker bought unsuitable put or call options on your behalf and you lost money, contact a securities litigation attorney with Meyer Wilson.

How Does FINRA Define High-Risk Brokers?

At Meyer Wilson, we are committed to working with people who lost money because of their financial advisor’s reckless or negligent actions. Contact us today to discuss your case and learn more about the next steps you can take.

Tips to Protect Your Elderly Loved Ones from Financial Exploitation

Senior investors are among the most frequently targeted victims of financial exploitation. In order to better protect this group of people, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA),adopted new rules to allow brokers to take additional steps to protect senior investors and other specific groups, the first nationally standardized protection of its type in the nation…. read more