Triad Advisors

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Triad Advisors, a subsidiary of Landenburg Thalmann Financial Services, Inc., is an independent broker-dealer of financial securities and instruments. Founded in 1998, Triad Advisors offers products, services and wealth management solutions to almost 400 independent financial advisors throughout the United States. Triad Advisors is based in Atlanta, Georgia and since its inception Triad has partnered with National Financial (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fidelity Investments) and Tegra Financial Partners.

Because Triad Advisors is licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), they are required by law to supervise their representatives to ensure that they are not using dishonest or harmful practices with investors. However, if Triad fails to supervise and their brokers cause clients severe losses, investors have the right to hold Triad legally liable to repay all losses.

History of Failure to Supervise

Both in 2007 and 2014, Triad Advisors was fined for failing to create a system of supervision over its brokers. In the recent case, the result of the lack of supervision was poor recordkeeping and inaccurate numbers being reported to investors. For this major breach of trust and oversight, Triad was fined $600,000 and was forced to pay out $375,000 in restitutions.

Do You Have a Claim Against Triad Advisors?

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