Sterne Agee Financial Services, Inc.

Investment Losses Caused by Sterne Agee

Sterne Agee Financial Services (also known as Sterne, Agee & Leach, Inc.) CRD# 18456 is a registered broker dealer operating out of Birmingham, Alabama. Sterne Agee has many other locations throughout the United States, including Indiana, Arkansas, Minnesota, California, Ohio, and beyond. Stern Agee Financial has been operating since January 22, 2002.

Sterne Agee is in control of, controlled by, or under common control with the following corporations:

  • WRP Investments Inc.
  • Sterne Agee Insurance Consulting
  • Sterne Agee Solutions
  • FBC Mortgage LLC
  • The Trust Company of Sterne Agee Inc.
  • Sterne Agee Financial Services, Inc.
  • Sterne Agee Clearing
  • Sterne Agee Asset Management
  • Sterne Agee UK

Sterne Agee Broker Fraud and Investment Misconduct

Sterne Agee and its affiliates have six formal regulatory events and three formal arbitrations in its history. Most recently, in December 2013, Sterne Agee was fined $75,000 for supervisory system failures and other industry violations. In April 2013, Sterne Agee was fined $50,000 for failing to use reasonable diligence when dealing with customers.

Sterne Agee’s most recent arbitration was initiated in July of 2006. The plaintiff claimed that their broker was negligent, omitted certain pertinent facts, and failed to supervise. They were awarded $182,567.

Recover Your Losses with the Help of Meyer Wilson

If you lost a substantial amount of money after investing your money with Stern Agee Financial Services or one of its affiliates, contact a securities litigation attorney at Meyer Wilson. We handle cases in state court, federal court, through arbitration, and mediation as well.

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