Medical Capital Holdings

Medical Capital Holdings is a medical receivables financing company that provides financing to healthcare providers by buying their accounts receivable and making secured loans. In 2009, the SEC filed a complaint against Medical Capital Holdings, Inc. for alleged securities fraud. Around that same time, a U.S. District judge froze the company’s assets and prohibited the sale of any additional securities. A receiver has been appointed. The SEC alleges that the financial services company committed fraud as far back as 2003.

Receivership essentially means that the court-appointed receiver is selling the assets of the company at non-profitable discounts in order to pay off all the debts owed by the firm. This is usually accomplished through liquidation. Since Medical Capital Holdings has been frozen, they are no longer a functioning company. To put it bluntly, the firm is in the middle of a large-scale garage sale to pay off what it owes to investors.

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If you have suffered losses as a result of the negligence or fraud of a MedCap representative, you have to act fast. The Receiver is still active as of July 2015, but in order to reclaim your losses, you’ll need experienced representation. Meyer Wilson investment fraud attorneys have the skill and resources to recover your assets in the midst of the chaos of receivership. Let us lead you through the process of rebuilding your financial foundation while holding the guilty parties responsible.

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