Investment Centers of America, Inc.

Our Investment Fraud Attorneys Can Win Back Your Losses

Investment Centers of America, Inc. (ICA) has been a provider of investment and insurance products since 1985. This broker-dealer and registered investment advisor is based in Bismarck, North Dakota and is a subsidiary of National Planning Holdings. Investment Centers of America, Inc. has almost 400 professionals providing services involving the following:

  • Securities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Care
  • Annuities

A securities brokerage firm licensed by FINRA, Investment Centers of America, Inc. has a legal duty to supervise its brokers and its brokers’ recommendations to clients to ensure compliance with the rules of the security industry. When an individual broker is negligent or acts in an unlawful manner against your interests, and if you suffers damages as a result of such wrongdoing, Investment Centers of America may be held liable for the investor’s losses.

If you invested with a broker or financial representative from Investment Centers of America, Inc. and they caused you to incur significant losses, you may need the legal representation that investment fraud attorneys at Meyer Wilson can provide. Our experience with fighting large investment companies has resulted in recovering tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

Investment Centers of America Broker Misconduct

ICA and its brokers have a history of misconduct and fraud with FINRA, including a March 2014 case in which an arbitration award was entered against ICA for $571,521 for alleged misrepresentation of facts while failing to supervise its brokers. Additionally, in 2007 ICA was fined $25,000 for failing to supervise a broker who had used personal addresses with customer accounts and had set up a private joint account with a customer.

Let Meyer Wilson Lawyers Help Recover Your Investment

After helping over 800 clients recover millions of dollars, Meyer Wilson has the expertise and intimate understanding of investment law to help you with your claim. Brokerage firms are accountable to their clients when it comes to the behavior of their financial representatives. If you have lost significant assets to the negligence or poor practices of a broker at Investment Centers of America, investment fraud attorneys at Meyer Wilson may be able to win back your losses.

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