Do You Have a Fisher Investments Loss Claim?

Meyer Wilson Recovers Losses Caused by Investment Misconduct

Fisher Investments is a money management firm founded in 1979. Privately owned and independent, Fisher Investments manages investment portfolios for more than 25,000 private investors and over 100 institutions. Fisher has offices throughout the United States as well as in the United Kingdom and Germany, totaling 1,500 employees. This brokerage firm offers services covering virtually every phase of the investment process, and “builds investment portfolios to suit your needs.”

Fisher Investments manages tens of billions of dollars in investments. Many people and institutions have entrusted their money to Fisher Investments. Fisher has a fiduciary duty to uphold, meaning they must act in their clients’ best interests and uphold all securities regulations. If you lost a substantial amount of money investing with Fisher or one of its registered brokers, we invite you to contact Meyer Wilson to learn if you might have a loss claim.

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Identifying Fraud & Misconduct

It can be difficult to know if something is wrong with your investments or if losses are simply the result of normal ebbs and flows of the market. Below are some signs that your losses may have been caused by misconduct –

  • Your broker cannot concretely explain your losses
  • Your broker cannot concretely explain to you the nature of the investment they are recommending
  • Your broker refuses to show you your returns
  • Your broker guaranteed returns, or very high returns
  • You lost money after your broker recommended a seemingly risky or unsuitable investment
  • Returns are consistently good (most misconduct happens when the investor believes things are going well)
  • Your broker cannot find important documents or information about your investments

What to Do If You Expect Misconduct

If you suspect misconduct after investing with Fisher Investments, we invite you to contact a securities fraud attorney at Meyer Wilson. Our team of skilled lawyers can identify any misconduct that led to your losses, and help you recover those losses. Meyer Wilson helped its clients recover more than $350 million. We know how to get results – call us today!