Deutsche Alex Brown

Investment Fraud Attorneys Can Reclaim Wrongful Losses

Deutsche Bank is a large, international bank founded in Germany in 1870. The investment functions of the bank are handled by Deutsche Bank Securities. Deutsche Bank Alex Brown is the bank’s securities brokerage firm in the United States and the successor of the investment bank Alex, Brown & Sons following the 1999 merger with Deutsche Bank. The company has 16 branch offices and 260 client advisors that provide advisory, research, brokerage, and investment services to high-net-worth individual investors in the U.S.

Scandal and Misconduct at Deutsche Alex Brown

Deutsche Bank Securities (the parent company of Deutsche Alex Brown) has an unfortunate history of scandal and fraud. This has resulted in millions of fines levied against it over the years by the Securities and Exchange Commission, the National Association of Securities Dealers (now FINRA), and the New York Stock Exchange. The reasons for the fines include:

  • Research fraud
  • Failure to cooperate with investigative authorities in a timely manner
  • CEO-awarded payoffs to Mannesmann after its takeover by Vodafone
  • Breach of shareholder trust
  • Violation of trade rules regarding high-yield bonds

If a broker from Deutsche Alex Brown has caused you significant losses as a result of unlawful or negligent behavior, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority dictates that the firm can be held legally responsible to recover your losses. The firm is legally responsible for the actions of its brokers, and it must ensure that all investors have access to suitable financial advice that is aligned to their interests by supervising all brokers.

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