Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc.

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Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. is one of the largest privately owned independent broker-dealers in the United States. Cadaret, Grant & Co. has executive office locations in Syracuse, NY and Mount Arlington, NJ and is owned, controlled, and managed by four senior officers. Founded in 1985 by Art Grant and Mac Cadaret, the firm now has over 900 advisors in locations across the country.

As a firm licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. is legally obligated to oversee and hold accountable each one of its 913 (as of 2014) representatives. Their oversight is intended to prevent unethical or inappropriate behavior in its brokers. However, if a broker’s negligent behavior causes a client to suffer severe losses, the firm itself can be held legally responsible for repaying you the damages.

Recent FINRA Actions Against Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc.

In recent years, Cadaret received large fines for failing to supervise its brokers as they made unethical recommendations to their clients that results in loss from fraud. In one 2011 case, Cadaret-licensed brokers breached the trust of their elderly clients in selling them benefits that they were no longer eligible for. This action resulted in a $200,000 fine. Another fine, this time at $125,000, was placed on Cadaret for failing to supervise their brokers, but also failing to instruct them in the proper way to handle a certain kind of investment with clients.

Meyer Wilson: Help with Serious Investor Claims

Many investors who lose money at the hands of careless, dishonest brokers believe that they have no recourse when the broker leaves the industry or becomes unreachable. However, because FINRA holds firms responsible for their brokers, victims of investment fraud have the chance to recover their losses. Meyer Wilson’s sole purpose is to help victims of fraud rebuild by taking back what is rightfully theirs from the firms who fail to supervise their representatives. We’ve recovered over $350 million for clients. We conduct claims in federal and state court, as well as in arbitration through FINRA and the American Arbitration Association, or AAA.

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