Aura Financial Services, Inc.

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Aura Financial Services, Inc. is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama with offices in Islandia, NY and Miami, FL. A private company, Aura Financial Services, Inc. offers investment and insurance products, as well as asset management services. As of June 2009, Aura Financial Services has been charged by the SEC with churning customer accounts, supervisory failures, and other securities violations that resulted in significant harm to clients and substantial profit to the firm. In addition, Aura Financial Services and its president at the time, Timothy Gautney, has refused to pay restitution to clients it defrauded after agreeing in court to pay them back for losses.

As a licensed firm with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Aura Financial Services is obligated to supervise all of their brokers to ensure suitable, honest trading compliant with all laws and regulations intended to protect investors. If a broker leads an investor to incur significant losses because of inept or negligent advice, Aura Financial Services may be held legally responsible to repay the damages to the investor. As a client of an investment firm, you have the right to hold it accountable for behavior that violates regulations and costs you financial assets.

Experienced Investment Fraud Attorneys Can Reclaim Your Losses

Meyer Wilson has experience going toe-to-toe with large investment firms. Our firm practices solely in the field of investment fraud, so we have the resources to conduct claims against firms like Aura Financial Services and see them through to a beneficial conclusion. Our goal is to provide victims of investment fraud with the opportunity to have both justice and reparations to rebuild their lives. With our aggressive, knowledgeable investment fraud attorneys, you can reclaim what is rightfully yours, just like hundreds of our past clients.

Meyer Wilson believes that every victim of fraud deserves to make their voice heard and hold investment firms responsible for their brokers. Let us determine if you have a case – contact us for a free case evaluation.