Associated Securities Corp.

A wholly owned subsidiary of LPL Holdings, Inc., Associated Securities Corp. is a registered broker-dealer and registered investment advisor. Associated Securities Corp. offers a full range of securities, investment, and advisory products. Headquartered in Southern California, Associated Securities was established in 1982 and has over 100 branch offices primarily in the western U.S.

Because ASC is licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), they are legally required to supervise each of their brokers to ensure ethical trading practices conducted in their clients’ interests. When brokers violate these regulations, either by defrauding clients or through unsuitable investment advice, the firms are legally liable for any damages their brokers cause clients to incur. As an investor, you have the right to hold investment firms like ASC accountable for the negligent or unethical actions of their brokers.

Failure to Report Trades

Even reputable investment firms can sometimes license brokers who are unscrupulous or dishonest. For example, despite a fairly clear history of activity, Associated Securities Corp. was fined by FINRA in 2006 for not reporting nearly 1,000 trades in corporate bonds. A lack of reporting makes accountability nearly impossible – in the world of finance, bookkeeping allows the law to hold firms responsible for the effects of their actions on clients. Failing to report is incompetent at best, and fraudulent at worst. If you feel that your losses were the result of poor recordkeeping, you may have the right to report the firm and demand a return of your losses.

Do You Think You May Have an Investor Claim?

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You may have a case against Associated Securities Corp. Meyer Wilson is prepared to fight for your losses – call us or complete our online form for a free case evaluation.