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Financial Planners: What Are They and Who is Regulating Them?

By: Courtney Werning, Esq. Investors are confronted with a variety of professional designations for people in the financial services industry, but it can be difficult for the average investor to understand and appreciate the wide distinctions between them.  One particular designation that implies specialized skill might mean much less than you think. A financial planner… read more

Seniors Face Increased Risk for Financial Exploitation During COVID19 Isolation

By: Courtney Werning, Esq. Our governments have taken severe measures to limit personal interactions with seniors in an effort to protect the population most vulnerable and at risk for the Coronovirus.  Isolating seniors, however, can exacerbate another problem to which seniors are particularly vulnerable: financial exploitation. According to a recent InvestmentNews article, isolating seniors creates… read more

Securities-Backed Lines of Credit: Putting Your Financial Future At Risk

By: Courtney Werning, Esq. Securities-backed lines of credit (SBLOC) are loans that are marketed to investors as an easy way to access cash by borrowing against the assets in their investment portfolios.  They are widely pitched by financial advisors and used as a source of revenue for firms in times of solid market returns. Brokers… read more

Investors Beware Of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pump and Dump Schemes

The United States and the rest of the world are facing unprecedented challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also known as Covid-19, this virus has essentially shut down the economy in the United States, and it has devastated investment portfolios. Many people have had to stand by and watch as their retirement accounts lose hundreds… read more

Meyer Wilson Representing Investor Victims in Madison Timber Ponzi Scheme

By: Courtney Werning, Esq. Arthur Lamar Adams of Mississippi pleaded guilty to orchestrating a massive Ponzi scheme exceeding $100 million stolen from more than 250 investors in at least 14 states. He was sentenced to almost 20 years in prison.  Meyer Wilson currently represents victims of his scam. Adams and his cohorts represented to investors… read more

Senior Investors Should Add a “Trusted Contact Person” to Their Investment Accounts

By Chad M. Kohler, Esq. In my law practice over the years, I’ve represented numerous senior investors who were the victims of elder financial abuse. In many cases, the fraud may have been detected much earlier if the investor had filled out paperwork with their brokerage firm adding a “trusted contact person” on their investment… read more

Meyer Wilson Investigates Barred Broker Gerald Roger Dewes

By: Courtney Werning, Esq. Gerald Roger Dewes, formerly of Cadaret, Grant & Co. in Erie Country, New York, was permanently barred by FINRA yesterday.  Dewes failed to comply with FINRA’s investigation into his potential undisclosed private securities transactions and outside business activities. On November 18, 2019, Dewes was terminated from Cadaret for, according to the… read more

Investigation: Meyer Wilson Receiving Calls About Broker Murray Todd Peterson of Roseville, California

By: Courtney Werning, Esq. The investment fraud attorneys at Meyer Wilson are investigating allegations that Murray Todd Peterson of Roseville, California may have sold investors a diamond investment scam. Peterson was registered at the brokerage firm SCF Securities from 2012 through October 2019, at which time he was terminated for misstating and/or omitting material facts… read more

Former Ohio Financial Advisor Sam Aziz Loses Securities License for Excessive Trading

By: Courtney Werning, Esq. The Ohio Division of Securities revoked the securities license of former broker Sam Aziz of Dublin, Ohio for excessive trading in at least 12 customer accounts. According to his FINRA BrokerCheck report, Aziz was the subject of seven customer disputes, two terminations, and three regulatory actions before finally losing his license… read more

As Energy Markets Swoon, Many MLP Investors Suffer Huge Losses

By Chad M. Kohler, Esq. March 26, 2020 Many income investors, particularly retirees, have been sold energy-related stocks in recent years based on the promise of attractive yields and steady income streams. Unfortunately, because of the recent tumult in the global energy market, many of these investors have also seen their portfolios decimated in only… read more