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FINRA Enforcement recently released some information on how and when one of its investigations turns into an actual enforcement action against one of its broker dealers or registered representatives.  Jessica Hopper, Head of FINRA Enforcement, explained the enforcement process. FINRA starts investigations based on information received from various sources, including their own examinations of the… read more

Malachite Capital LP Being Investigated for Investment Losses

Malachite Capital Partners LP is currently being investigated for possible fraud or breach of fiduciary duty to investors. At Meyer Wilson, we have extensive experience handling these cases and are ready to help investors who have suffered losses after investing in Malachite Capital Partners LP. What is Happening With Malachite LP & Investment Loss Claims?… read more

Massachusetts Charges GPB Capital Holdings with Securities Fraud

William Galvin, the top securities regulator in Massachusetts, filed a Complaint against GPB Capital this week that alleges GPB Capital issued illegal marketing materials filled with misstatements and omissions of material fact in the course of selling its investments to clients. Meyer Wilson has been on top of the GPB Capital debacle since it started… read more

How To Recover Investment Losses From the Coronavirus Stock Market Crash

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the United States in a health and economic crisis. When the US was beginning to realize that the coronavirus was much more serious than originally thought, the stock market did not move very much – at first. However, that all changed when stay at home and quarantine orders went into… read more

Coronavirus Causes Continued Losses for UBS YES Investors: How to Recover Losses

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an unprecedented situation in this country. We have dealt with, and are still going through, an unimaginable health crisis. The country’s economy has also taken a sharp hit as millions of Americans have filed for unemployment, and businesses in every state continue to suffer. Unfortunately, many investors have also… read more


By: Courtney Werning, Esq. Long have stockbrokers referred to themselves as “financial advisors” or “wealth advisors.” Until now, regulators have allowed it. Next month, the rules change. “Brokers” conduct investment transactions for their clients. Under the current rules, they are allowed to recommend products that are suitable for an investor but which may also earn… read more

Markets Suffer Historic Losses as Oil Prices Dive Into Negative Territory

By Chad M. Kohler, Esq. Too much oil has been pumped, not enough people are buying it, and we’re running out of places to put it. These facts have combined in recent days to obliterate crude oil values. On Monday, prices for West Texas Intermediate crude contracts for May delivery dropped a stunning 306% and… read more

Morgan Stanley Loses Appeal of $3.3 Million FINRA Arbitration Award

By Courtney Werning, Esq. According to InvestmentNews, a federal judge denied Morgan Stanley’s motion last week to appeal a $3.3 million FINRA arbitration award it lost to investors in Puerto Rican bonds.  The award included a $3 million sanction against Morgan Stanley for purposefully concealing evidence in a hearing, which Morgan Stanley argued was excessive. … read more

Meyer Wilson Investigates Claims Against Newbridge Securities Broker Scott S. Brooks for the Sale of GPB Capital Funds

By: Courtney Werning, Esq. Meyer Wilson is currently investigating claims against Newbridge Securities broker Scott Brooks of San Clemente, California for the inappropriate sale of GPB Capital Funds to his customers. Brooks’s employing brokerage firm, Newbridge Securities Corporation, approved the sale of a series of limited partnerships issued by GPB Capital Holdings, including GPB Automotive… read more

Ponzi Scheme Clawback Actions – Forcing Victims to Right Other People’s Wrongs

By: Courtney Werning, Esq. A Ponzi scheme’s collapse almost always leads to a bankruptcy, receivership, or some other formal liquidation proceedings.  In these proceedings, a trustee or receiver is charged with collecting as much funds as possible to pay creditors and defrauded investors.  Among the methods used to recover assets are claims against investors who… read more