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Broker Regan Rohl Facing Allegations for Discretionary Trading Without Authorization

Meyer Wilson

Broker and financial adviser Regan Rohl (CRD# 1877645) of Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, LLC is currently the subject of three pending customer disputes for unsuitable, misrepresented, and over-concentrated investment recommendations in the energy, oil, and gas industry.

Regan Rohl has been in the securities industry for 28 years. He has been registered with Wells Fargo Advisors out of North Dakota since 2011. He previously was the subject of five other customer disputes.

The customer complaints currently pending revolve around investments in the energy sector, specifically in Master Limited Partnerships (“MLPs”). An MLP is a publically traded limited partnership. To be classified as an MLP, the partnership must derive most of its cash flow from real estate, natural resources, and commodities. Over the last several years, MLPs have become one of the fastest growing asset classes. In 2007, the amount of money invested in MLPs was about $100 billion. By mid-2014, that number was over $500 billion. With yields approaching 10% or higher, it’s little wonder why investors have taken the bait and bought up MLPs at a record pace.

This is particularly so for retirees who may need income but who might be earning only a little over 1 percentage on a one-year CD at a local bank. While brokers loaded up their customers on MLPs, they’ve often overlooked or flat out misrepresented the significant risks associated with these investments. Contrary to many sales pitches, MLPs are not bonds. In fact, MLPs are incredibly sensitive to oil and commodity prices. When oil and commodity prices plunge, as they recently have, MLP prices can drop, yield payments might be suspended, and some MLPs might even become illiquid meaning that you can’t sell or get out of the investment.

If you invested with broker Regan Rohn and suffered investment losses, you may have legal claims. Contact the experienced investment attorneys at Meyer Wilson today for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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