What Are Non-Traded REITs?

Investors often have questions regarding various investments that are recommended to them, including those involving non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts. These are investment options that can be very risky and one that our securities lawyers at Meyer Wilson recommend investors to stay away from at all times. These investments appear to be promising for a number of reasons, including the return on investment that is often oversold by the broker.

Watch As Attorney Courtney Werning Explains Non-Traded REITs

The problem with non-traded REITs is that they require you to pay anywhere up to 15% in commissions and fees to your broker. Promises that the property can be sold in about 7 years after the investment often go unfulfilled and you may be left holding onto the property for more than a decade hoping the value increases enough for you to see your investment again or any kind of profit.

Non-traded REITs should not be recommended to investors. A broker who is recommending non-traded REITs may be looking out only for his or her own benefit and you may take a monetary loss. It is important to understand that there are numerous issues with this type of investment and making sure you are protected is essential.

Mutual funds and focused real estate investments are great ways to include real estate on your portfolio, but it is advisable to stay away from non-traded REITs.

At Meyer Wilson, our securities fraud lawyers know that any time an investor is enticed with a non-traded REIT, they are running a risk of losing money based on false promises. We look at these investments and provide clients with strong legal counsel to help recover losses based on breach of fiduciary duty. Contact us for your complimentary case review and learn how we can take legal action against the broker responsible for your losses.


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