How Scammers Find You: Learn More With an Investment Scam Lawyer

What Makes You an Investment Fraud Target?

Sometimes how an investment promoter finds you can be a big indicator of the investment’s legitimacy. As an investment scam lawyer, I want to talk a little bit today about how scammers find their victims and what you can do to reduce your vulnerability.

How Investment Scammers Find You

  • Phone. Unsolicited phone calls from investment promoters should always be approached with caution. Never give out your personal information over the phone, always meet face-to-face with the promoter at his or her office, and make sure you sign up for the national “Do Not Call” registry.
  • Internet and email. These days, more and more scammers are looking to the online world to find internet investment victims, and you may be approached through email, social media, message boards, or other online forums. As a general rule, if you don’t recognize the sender, and it’s not from a company that you’ve done business with in the past, you may be best off just ignoring the offer.
  • Mail. Some scammers still use the postal service to deliver their pitches, and you should be careful to read the fine print and do your own, independent research into the opportunity before deciding to invest.
  • Door to door. There have been several recent cases of door-to-door scammers taking investors’ cash. Because you are speaking in person, you may feel more comfortable with the promoter or feel bad about saying “no.” Most door-to-door offers are scams, and you should always do extensive research into both the investment and the companies involved before making a decision.
  • “Free lunch” seminars. Some investment scammers offer free gifts and a meal in exchange for your attendance at a seminar promoting their investment plans. Although not every seminar is necessarily a scam, this is a popular tactic among fraudsters. Be on the lookout for aggressive sales tactics or “bait and switch” investment fraud tricks.

If you’ve already fallen victim to an investment scam or stockbroker misconduct, you need to find a lawyer who understands investment scams as soon as possible to talk about your rights and options for recovering your losses. Give us a call today for more information.


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