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Alaska Woman Pleads Guilty to Securities Fraud Charges

An Anchorage woman has pleaded guilty to securities fraud charged related to an alleged Ponzi scheme.

Samantha Delay-Wilson, of Anchorage, Alaska has pleaded guilty to securities fraud in an alleged Ponzi scheme. The 65-year-old woman has pleaded guilty to various related charges on both the state and federal levels.

According to federal prosecutors in the case, the alleged Ponzi scheme was run through Delay-Wilson’s Nona Oma Investments and Money Sources Alaska. The investment scam allegedly affected 14 investors and took about $7.4 million from the victims. Delay-Wilson has been accused of using investors’ cash for her own personal use, including $150,000 for a diamond ring.

Delay-Wilson apparently has a history of financial crimes in Alaska. She was accused of stealing from two men in 1999 and spent seven months in jail in that case.

Although prosecutors have recommended she serve seven years in prison for the alleged Ponzi scheme, leniency has been considered in Delay-Wilson’s case because of her testimony in a murder trial earlier this year.

Waldo Johnson, a participant in the trial and former close friend, said "She took my money and a lot of other people's money without any leniency, and she was going for more. The American Dream, for me, was work hard and save your money. And now that's gone."

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