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District Judge Steven Jones Charged in Nevada for Investment Fraud

Matthew R. Wilson, Esq.

A recent article from The Republic states that District Judge Steven E. Jones, of Clark County, Nevada, has been accused of taking part in an investment scam that took in around $3 million from investors over the course of a decade. Along with Jones, Thomas A. Cecrle, Ashlee M. Martin, Constance C. Fenton, Terry J. Wolfe, and Mark L. Hansen have also been charged in relation to the alleged investment fraud.

According to prosecutors in the case, investors were told that they would be investing in water rights, land rights, and war bonds, and they were told that these investments would yield high returns. Investors were allegedly assured that these investments were possible because Cecrle had connections to the federal government.

It is believed that Jones and the others involved lured investors into the scam via mail, telephone, and the Web. It is also alleged that Jones used his professional position to allay fears and protect Cecrle when investors began to suspect a problem.

Unfortunately, instead of using investors’ cash to obtain the promised investments, it is alleged that Jones and the five others used the cash for their own personal debts and expenses.Cecrle, who investors were allegedly told had government connections, was actually unemployed at the time the investments were promoted.

Jones and the other five defendants are facing many charges in this investment fraud case, including wire fraud, securities fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering.