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Hedge Fund Fraud Was "Brazen Web of Lies"

David P. Meyer

Andrey Hicks, along with his Locust Offshore Management, LLC, has been accused by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of running a hedge fund fraud and taking over a million dollars from investors. The SEC claims that Hicks lied about his education, previous employment, and the hedge fund's assets.

The director of the SEC's Boston office stated that "Hicks lied to investors about virtually every aspect of his fictitious hedge fund. This brazen web of lies to investors constituted an outright fraud."

According to the complaint, Hicks claimed that his Locust Offshore Fund worked on a specific mathematical model that he personally developed while in school. Hicks is also said to have claimed that he received both graduate and undergraduate degrees from Harvard, although, in reality, he only spent three semesters at the university and had to withdraw due to poor academic performance. Regarding the special mathematical model that the hedge fund was supposedly based on, reports say that Hicks only took a single math course at Harvard and received a D- grade. Additionally, Hicks is said to have claimed a successful stint with Barclays Capital, but that firm says it has no record of Hicks ever being employed with them.

The complaint also alleged further lies, including lies about the fund's auditor, incorporation, and custodian.

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