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Beware of Oil Spill Stock Scams

David P. Meyer, Esq.

As Americans are still reeling from the aftermath of the Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion, there has been a lot of concern over oil spill stock scams. Investors are being approached by scam artists who are promising financial gains by investing in companies that are supposedly involved in the cleanup efforts in the spill.

Like any investment that you would consider, it is imperative that you do your homework and research first. Take a close look at the promises and returns that is being offered. Determine where the stock trades and investigate the company’s SEC filings. If there is a promise of a high and quick return on your investment, it should serve as a warning sign that the investment could be a scam.

You will also want to carefully examine any press releases, unsolicited faxes or spam emails that you receive in regards to the particular investment. Be cautious if the solicitation predicts tremendous growth or if you are pressured to invest immediately. For a complete list of warning signs, read our article entitled, Don’t Fall Prey to Oil Spill Stock Scams.

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To learn more about oil downturn and investment fraud, watch the following video.