Offering a Team Approach

Strengthening Your Case Through Collaboration

Understanding the approach and strategies used by a firm can aid you in your attorney selection process. Regardless of the particular matter you are facing, you need to be sure that the legal representatives you choose to work with pursue your positive resolution using effective means. At Meyer Wilson, we focus on using a team approach in which we strengthen our clients’ cases by working collectively and by ensuring that we devote a considerable amount of time to preparing legal strategies.

Having helped approximately 1,000 clients recover hundreds of millions of dollars in lost funds and compensation, we know that our team approach is immensely effective. See which brokers and firms are under investigation.

undefinedInvestment FraudIs Our Passion and Focus.

Retain a Team of Securities Fraud Lawyers to Be by Your Side

It takes an army to win a war. At Meyer Wilson, we have the team large enough and tough enough to recover your investment losses caused by misconduct. Wall Street and large financial institutions have access to limitless resources and the biggest law firms in the country that they use to fight your claim. We built this firm with the goal of leveling the field to your benefit.

Every one of our investor cases is assigned to at least two investment fraud lawyers and one securities paralegal and is reviewed personally by Attorney David P. Meyer. Pooling our experience and legal knowledge allows our team to cover your case from every possible angle. Ensuring that multiple eyes also review your case, especially when they are as accomplished and experienced as Attorney Meyer’s, can further ensure that you have the strongest, most effective claim possible.

Allow Our Team to Deliver the Results You Need

Individually, each of our attorneys is highly accomplished, highly motivated, and immensely concerned with providing individualized, custom counsel. Collectively, we are a think tank, a group of professionals who focus on a specific practice area and who are able to pool years of experience, insight, and knowledge into effective solutions for our clients. In the courtroom and out, we are a formidable, dynamic legal force that is fully prepared to take on even the most powerful legal opponents.

If you would like to learn more about the ways in which we handle your case using a team approach, or if you wish to personally discuss your matter with an investment fraud attorney from our firm, please contact Meyer Wilson online or call our office at (888) 390-6491 to request a free consultation today.