Investment Fraud Law Is What We Do

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At Meyer Wilson, our investment fraud and securities fraud attorneys focus exclusively on handling investment misconduct cases. A highly-concentrated legal field, investment fraud can span a large spectrum of situations and issues that generally boil down to financial loss at the hands of stockbrokers, brokerage firms, and other individuals or entities. We are a niche firm, and as such, we are better equipped with the relevant skills, experience, and resources needed to deliver positive results to clients with investment misconduct cases. Our investment fraud attorneys only handle these types of cases, and as a result, they are handled well.

undefinedMore Attention to Detail We intentionally keep our caseload small, ensuring you the best service.

We pride ourselves on not trying to be all things to all people. Our investor fraud lawyers are devoted to investor claims and class actions. We do not promote ourselves as personal injury or commercial litigation attorneys and we do not handle legal matters that extend beyond the immediate concerns of our field. This allows our legal team to focus 100% of our efforts and resources on effectively and efficiently handling our clients’ cases.

The fact that we exclusively deal within the investment fraud and class action legal realms bolsters our abilities and experience. If you or a loved one needs to have surgery on a knee, you go to a knee surgeon, not an allergist. You go to a specialist who deals exclusively with what you need resolved. Similarly, we believe that individuals who have investment fraud claims should consult with an investment fraud lawyer that focuses on investment fraud. Securities and investment fraud are complex areas of law and not all lawyers have the experience and know-how to properly handle these types of cases.

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Our focus on investment fraud and investment misconduct allows our legal team to successfully handle these cases. In each case we work, regardless of the type or nature, we work hard, think creatively, and act proactively to provide the most effective and dynamic representation possible. We know that by making investment fraud the only thing we do, we can provide our clients with the legal support they need.

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