Contingency Fee Basis

No Fee Unless We Win Your Case

At Meyer Wilson, our securities fraud lawyers only work cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that there is no fee unless a positive recovery is obtained in your case. If and when our legal team is able to win your case and secure financial compensation, attorney fees will be based on an agreed upon percentage or sum. We do not charge a retainer fee or consultation fee and there is no cost for the investigative work we do prior to offering you representation.

To put it simply; if we don’t win, you don’t pay.

Why contingent fees?

We choose to work cases on a conditional fee agreement for several reasons, all of which are intended to ultimately benefit the people we serve. As evident by our numerous successful case resolutions and positive client testimonials, our use of contingent fees is another prominent aspect in our firm’s ability to satisfy our clients and obtain the results they need.

Focusing on Your Experience

We value the trust our clients place in our firm and attorneys, and we reciprocate by doing everything in our power to make their experience with us as smooth and comfortable as possible. We know that when individual and institutional investors come to use after having been bilked by stockbrokers, brokerage firms, and other entities, times can be chaotic.

We understand that, in many cases, our clients’ livelihoods, professional careers and businesses, and financial futures may be at stake. With these high stakes in mind, we focus on doing our part to alleviate their worries and concerns. At Meyer Wilson, we want you make your legal experience and time with us and rewarding as the results you obtain. Eschewing up-front fees is only one of the ways in which we accomplish this goal.

Leveling the Playing Field

From a logistical viewpoint, working your case on a contingency fee basis allows our firm to level the playing field with some of the largest, most financially powerful institutions in the country. Often, our clients’ claims involve immensely powerful legal opponents who have access to seemingly limitless resources and powerful legal teams. By pursuing various legal avenues on our own funds, we are not limited by what you are able to pursue had you been required to foot the bill – these powerful entities cannot force you into submission when you have our firm by your side.

Confidence in Our Abilities

While we view contingent fees as the ethically and logistically correct avenue to take, we know that they also serve another purpose. They show prospective clients that we are confident in our abilities to obtain successful resolutions, recover losses, and win cases. We want our clients to feel that they have the best at work for them and their case, and we believe that our use of contingent fees exemplifies this idea. We put our money where our mouth is and we don’t shy away from a challenge.

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Discuss Your Case with an Investment Fraud Attorney

Having taken the contingency fee basis approach since our firm’s inception, we know that it works. We know that it helps our clients and that it proves an essential driving force behind our ability to secure successful results.

If you have any questions about our fee agreement, or if you wish to discuss your personal case, please do not hesitate to contact an investment fraud lawyer from Meyer Wilson today.