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Catherine Explains How Meyer Wilson Helped Recover Her Losses When a stockbroker gave Catherine bad investment advice, she turned to Meyer Wilson for help. “I would be very willing to refer anybody that I thought was in this situation to Meyer Wilson, especially on financial matters. They were absolutely wonderful.” Client Reviews 1
Keith Speaks About His Experience With Meyer Wilson Hear from a Meyer Wilson client, Keith, about how our firm was able to help him recover investment losses. Client Reviews 2
Lorraine Explains How Meyer Wilson Helped Her Family Lorraine and her family were in a difficult financial position when they realized their advisor had lost their money. Learn how our firm was able to help. Client Reviews 3
James Shares His Experience with Meyer Wilson Hear from James, an 81-year-old retired professor who retained Meyer Wilson after he lost money through investment misconduct. Client Reviews 4
Sharon Retains Meyer Wilson Hear from a former client about how our firm was able to help her recover investment losses! Client Reviews 5

At Meyer Wilson, our investment fraud lawyers take tremendous pride in our abilities to consistently recover our clients' losses and deliver them the results they need. Knowing the importance of these matters, we are gratified when our clients take the time to thank and honor us with their compliments. We have included a few of their reviews below as a way to help prospective clients gain a better understanding of the support and services we provide.

These client reviews do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your specific legal matter. They do, however, exemplify our focus on delivering exceptional representation, personal attention, and solid results. Take a moment to see what our past clients have to say about their experience with our firm.

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I had spoken to a local attorney about my investment losses and he didn't know how to help me, so he referred me to David Meyer. David and his staff were not only professional, but they were also really congenial and pleasant to speak with. Any time I had a question they were always responsive and made sure I understood each step in the process of recovering my losses. My overall experience was positive and I would encourage anyone who even thinks they have been a victim of stockbroker misconduct to call David.

- S.T.,Canton, Ohio

Meyer Wilson represented me in a suit brought last year against my brokerage firm, securing a very fair and equitable settlement for me. I was impressed with the professional manner in which they handled our relationship and kept me aware of developments in the case. I highly recommend them.

- R.G., M.D.,Cincinnati, Ohio

I rolled over my retirement account to my stockbroker when I retired and trusted him to provide me an investment plan that would cover my living expenses and protect my life savings. He sold me a variable annuity and controlled how my retirement was invested in the stock market. I relied on him totally as the expert and I ended up losing a big portion of my savings. I was referred to Meyer Wilson to file my arbitration claim against the brokerage firm. Mr. Meyer and his associates and staff were great to work with. They explained everything to me, walked me through each stage of the arbitration, worked hard to prepare my case, and I am very happy with the outcome.

- L.B.,Tennessee

I really appreciate all of the efforts of the legal team at Meyer & Associates. They were very prompt in responding to me and answering my questions, often the same day. I am happy I received the highest settlement that I think was possible. Thanks for a job exceptionally well done!

- J.H.,Indiana

When the financial advisor we trusted with our life savings lost all of it in the stock market we did not know where to go for help. Fortunately, we found the law firm of Meyer & Associates. They aggressively pursued the brokerage firm responsible and we were delighted with the outcome. We don't know what we would have done without the lawyers and staff at Meyer & Associates - we will always be thankful for what they did for us.

- Mr. and Mrs. H.,Ohio

I am thankful I had the opportunity to work with you and get to know you. Our family cannot thank you enough for the outstanding work you and your firm did to win our case. Your passion, commitment and compassion to win this case for our family were simply amazing. After going to several other attorneys who would not even take the case I was so fortunate to have found you to take the case. Right from the start you had the passion and desire to win this case for us. I have never worked with an attorney or firm as compassionate as yours. I would highly recommend your firm to anyone.

- G.A.

My husband and I needed a law firm with expertise in financial investment fraud, and Meyer Wilson handled everything for us. We were very glad to find Meyer Wilson. Their entire staff made us fill that we were part of the Meyer Wilson Family.

- A.H.

When our broker lost a large portion of our retirement savings, we didn't know where to turn and thought we would just have to accept that we were left with nothing.

We saw an article about Attorney David Meyer and called his office. We were not used to dealing with attorneys and didn't know what to expect, but Mr. Meyer and his staff were kind and kept us well informed about our rights. We were very satisfied with the results they were able to get for us and the short length of time it took to have some of our losses returned. Having the money reinvested has definitely made life easier for us.

- A.W.,Ohio

I was a business litigation attorney for approximately 30 years and practiced law with one of largest law firms in the nation. I have been involved in many large, complex cases, and I believe I have a reasonable understanding of how lawyers and law firms should go about their work.

Everything that David P. Meyer and Associates did for me in connection with my securities arbitration claim was done in a first class manner, much as I would expect from the best large law firms. It has been my pleasure to have dealt with David Meyer and I strongly recommend his firm to anyone who has a potential investment misconduct claim.

- R.S., Esq.,California

At a time in our life when we thought life would be easier because we had worked hard and carefully planned and saved for our "Golden Years", we discovered our stockbroker had lost our entire life's savings. We thought there was no hope of recovering any of it. That's when we were referred to David Meyer and Associates. Mr. Meyer and his staff explained the arbitration process and gave us hope. Thanks to their hard work, the arbitration and settlement process put us back on track. They were a Godsend when we needed them most.

- S.W.,Kentucky

I accepted an early retirement from my large employer after more than 30 years, based on the recommendation of my stockbroker that I had plenty of money to live on. I put every dollar I had into my stockbroker's hand and trusted him and his brokerage firm. As the months went by, I was losing money at a alarming rate and I soon found out that many of my co-workers were losing their retirement savings with the same brokerage firm. I do not remember how I heard about David Meyer & Associates but they came to be my knight in shining armor. Hiring Mr. Meyer's law firm was probably the smartest thing I've done in my life. Dozens of my co-workers hired them too. It took some time to get through the process but David and his firm did a great job for all of us. I can honestly say that I would probably be back to working 40 hours a week again, if not for David's success with our claims.

There's an old saying, "You can't take on City Hall"; well, David did better than that - he took on this large brokerage firm......and won! I have nothing but the highest praise for David Meyer and his staff of very qualified people.

- R.H.,Ohio

"We had never participated in any type of lawsuit before, but after our stockbroker mishandled our investments and nearly lost all of the money it took us over thirty years to save, we felt we needed to do something. We hired Mr. Meyer and he went to bat for us against the brokerage firm. The staff at David Meyer and Associates communicated with us regularly as they led us through the process of recovering our losses. They were always helpful and we felt well served by them. Not knowing what to expect, we were pleased with how fast we were able to obtain a recovery. Hiring Mr. Meyer to help us recover our losses has made retirement easier for us."

- J.R.,Kentucky

I, and many of my coworkers, retired after 30+ years of employment and rolled over our lump-sum retirement to a national brokerage firm. The broker we entrusted with our life savings failed to protect our nest egg and we lost a big portion of our retirement. A group of us all hired David Meyer & Associates to hold the brokerage firm accountable for not investing our retirement properly. Mr. Meyer and his firm got a great result for us and we are now able to enjoy our retirement.

- B.H.,Texas

Now that the dust has settled, we just wanted to thank you for all your hard work.

We always felt that we were in good hands and enjoyed working with you!

- C.K

My husband and I hired a financial planner to ensure the safety of our retirement nest egg, but he lost most of that money through a series of investments that were inappropriate for people at our stage in life. After my husband passed, I didn't know where to turn and had even spoken to a local attorney that did not think there was anything I could even do. I felt like the situation was my fault for trusting the broker. I heard about David Meyer & Associates and he and his staff let me know what my rights were and that there was hope through the arbitration process. They took care of everything and I was surprised at how easy they made it for me to pursue a claim. Mr. Meyer and his staff was always professional and responsive to my calls and they really took their time with me to review paperwork and mad sure that I remained well informed throughout the process. I feel like Mr. Meyer not only helped me to recover my investment losses, but he also helped me to get justice for my late husband.

- J.S.,Ohio

Mr. Meyer was able to help me recover losses from my retirement account that occurred when my stockbroker failed to invest my IRA properly for someone at my stage in life. As they handled my case, Mr. Meyer and his staff were always available to answer my questions and they were responsive to my needs. I felt as if they really cared about me and my situation and I was impressed with their professionalism.

- L. M.,Florida

I trusted my brokerage firm that I have been with for years with money that my father had intended to be invested in safe, secure investments to provide for my mother's living expenses after his passing as well as for his family members. The brokerage firm recommended an investment that was later found to be invested in securities different than had been represented. I was very pleased with the results that Meyer and Associates were able to obtain for me and my family.

- J.F.,Indiana

I was angry when my retirement savings were mismanaged by my stockbroker. I knew I had lost most of my hard-earned money, but I was unsure of what, if anything, I could do about it. My daughter-in-law had heard of Mr. Meyer's law firm so I gave them a call. They supplied me with the information I needed to know about my rights as an investor and why I had a claim to recover some of my losses from the brokerage firm. I was very much impressed with the way they handled my claim and pleased with the result they were able to get for me. It was well worth the call.

- G.C.,Tennessee

I was very pleased with Mr. Meyer’s handing of my arbitration claim. Throughout the process, I felt that I was treated with respect and I always appreciated the extra effort David Meyer and his staff put forth to recover the money my stockbroker had lost. I never felt my relationship with David was limited to an attorney-client relationship. I always thought it was more like a friend helping another friend. They did a tremendous job and when it was over, David was able to get back a lot more money for me than I ever expected. I have kept the firm’s number handy and would tell anyone that has been a victim of stockbroker misconduct to contact Meyer and Associates.

- C.F.,Ohio

We were devastated when our long-time stockbroker inexcusably caused our company's pension plan and profit sharing plans to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in unsuitable investments in just 3 short years with two different brokerage firms. Thankfully, our accountant had heard of Meyer & Associates and referred us to Mr. Meyer for help. Mr. Meyer understood that our employees were the real victims, and he dedicated himself to making the brokerage firms put as much money back into our coffers as possible. I urge anyone who thinks they have been wronged by their stockbroker or brokerage firm to seek the advice of Meyer & Associates - I am so thankful that I did.

- M.F.,Ohio

Our brokerage firm recommended that we mortgage our paid-off home and then convinced us to invest the loan proceeds into unsuitable annuities. The results were devastating. We never imagined that we would be retired, with limited income, and find ourselves faced with a new mortgage payment and large investment losses. Thankfully, we hired Meyer Wilson - they skillfully guided us through the NASD (now FINRA) arbitration process and achieved an outstanding recovery for us. We do not know what we would have done without their help.

- Mr. and Mrs. R.,Springfield, Ohio

From my first call to the firm to the final communication with them was a remarkable experience. The staff listened to my situation with care and concern through our entire journey. I entered with the dark shadow of fear of the unknown and Meyer Wilson walked me through my doubt and fears back into the light of reality and satisfaction. I cannot put into words the sense of security I felt while dealing with my case. The firm exemplifies professionalism in every phase of my journey through the legal system. Thank you Meyer Wilson for your council and support.

- K.P.,Idaho

My wife and I became victims in a ponzi scheme set up by our financial adviser, one we had worked with for many years. He was working with a legitimate investment firm and we had no reason to believe we were being taken. He also covered his tracks very well and even his company was unaware of what he was doing. We tried to recover our losses for over a year but were unsuccessful and every road was a dead end. We heard about Meyer Wilson and contacted them for help. They worked with us extensively over the next months and they were able to recover a large amount of our lost investment. They were in contact with us throughout the whole process and kept us informed of where we stood and what we needed to do. I can't stress enough how much we appreciate all that they have done for us and what a blessing it was to find them. They come highly recommended and you would do well to contact them for assistance.

- M.L.

Meyer & Associates pursued my securities arbitration case with great care and attention. They covered every detail and I am ecstatic about the results. As a lawyer myself, I can appreciate how hard they worked on my behalf. I recommend Meyer & Associates highly and without any reservation.

- C. Hostler, Esq.,West Virginia

I think this is the first time I have used a law firm to resolve issues with regard to what I felt was a serious breach of trust and negative performance from a financial manager. From the moment I contacted MeyerWilson, I was always treated with what felt like genuine respect and real interest in my situation. I had some changes of personnel during it all, but the new people were equally respectful and competent which made everything feel seamless. Being my first time to work with a law firm on this type of issue I was constantly surprises at both the competence, skills, respect, thoroughness, and the pleasant ease the experience was. I highly recommend both the firm and their unusually qualified and helpful people working there.

- D.G.,Salt Lake City, UT

The case I brought to Meyer Wilson involved more of an ethical injustice and had many legal hurdles. Despite this, Mr. Chad Kohler, Esq., explained thoroughly all aspects of my case, advised me using his expertise, and guided me through a mediation process resulting in a satisfactory settlement. Had it not been for the representation of Meyer Wilson, and in particular, Mr. Kohler, I would have never had a resolution.

- V.B.

My experience with Meyer Wilson proved to be a very professional, as well as, personal interaction. Chad Kohler represented my case with the caring and realistic guidance needed to attain a satisfactory resolution during mediation. I appreciate the personal interest and legal expertise he and his staff offered me during a difficult time. I was able to make an informed decision and feel that with the help of Meyer Wilson my case was resolved with the best possible outcome.

- K.M.

Mr. Meyer, I thank you again for you being so kind and helpful. It was always good to talk to you. I always felt positive when I talked to you. I felt like you cared. I am glad that the process is over and money has been delivered but I will miss talking to you. I wish good things for you in the future.

- D.C.,Tennessee